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Expert ruined by criticism sbornaya


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Russian football expert and member of local football ethics committee Andrey Sozin ruined the national team after Argentina lost 0-1 in a control match from over under fixed tips of the renewed Luzhniki. `It is undoubtedly the stadium is the number one in Russia, I`m hitting the builders` hat I can not say the same about our players We saw the team playing Argentina and our nothing They watched closely what was going on If Akinfeyev had not been on the doorto lose with 0: 5 The Argentines have done their job, they have won, but have shown kindness and scored only once . . . I can not understand why we played that way . . .

It is clear that Argentina is the stronger team, but what? are we playing with Belarus and Vietnam? `They are a few months to the world and I`m worried, ` said Sozin.

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