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Is this the ideal team made up of the stars that will miss the 2018 World Cup?


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Canluigi Buffon, Arien Robben and Gareth Bale are the biggest stars who miss the World Cup after their countries failed to qualify, analysts said. If we have to make our ideal team of players that we will not see on the terrain in Russia, it would look like goalkeeper Canluigi Buffon, defenders Giorgio Cielini, Andrea Bardzali, Sokratis Papastatopoulos, David Alabas, midfielder Arturo Vidal, Arien Robben and Arda Touran, strikers: Gareth Bale, Christian Pulisic and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The three players who will come from the bench are Alexis Sanchez, Andriy Yarmolelenko and One Jack. But anyway, no matter how high their cost in the transfer period, these players have been the victim of the rule that the team is more important than the personality.

39-year-old Buffon is probably the footballer who has the biggest gap. If the Italians had gone to Russia, Buffon would have saved his sixth World Cup in his career. The Cult Gatekeeper, who will be 40 years old in January, is a world champion in 2006, and he first enters the World Cup in 1998. And last night he ended his career in Skuadra Adzura in his 175 game.

His teammates Bardzali and Chielini, the two main defenders in front of him in the team, will also not travel. Sokratis Papastatopoulos scored the only goal for Greece against Croatia, but that was far from enough. This is the situation with Bayern`s Alabamaer for years being Austria`s top-class footballer.

As was the case with Buffon, Bardzhalli and Cinelini, Bayern`s wing and Dutch national team Arien Robben also ended with the national team. `I am 33 years old, I play in a top club adviced by fixed games in Europe and I want to concentrate there in the last years of my career, I think the end of the campaign is a good time to push the knob to the end, ` said Robben. - little is the disappointment and perhaps the surprise at Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez - Chilean two-time champion in Copa America, who dropped off at the last minute but saved the participation of Argentina and Lionel Messi, perhaps the most painless assumption that the star ofUS 19-year-old striker Borussia (Dortmund) may even behe hopes to play the home championship in 2026 if the United States wins the host. `To play for the United States at the World Cup is my dream since I remember. World Cup finals, minute to end, ball to Pulishic, jump and too! `This is my dream, ` said Putisic in an interview with the Players Tribune.

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