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Pros and Cons of Karim Benzema


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Real Madrid`s Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has been separating the Madridies in two years. Before the final via links to football fixed games of the World Club Championship, the Spanish media focused even more on the French shooter. An impression makes the low score number 9, which annoys not one and two loving royal clubs.

The AS newspaper scores the shooter statistics of the big European teams (see picture 2). Benzema is at the bottom of this indicator for the calendar year 2017 - just 14 hits. A dozen strikers are in front of Karim, with leaders being Edison Cavani (48 goals), Robert Lewandowski (44) and Harry Kain (43). Last season`s Reserve of Alberto Alvaro has 21 hits for the 2017th. The Marca Online Edition makes an interesting comparison of the pros and cons of Karim, citing facts. The popular site gathered for and against the central striker. Look at them and decide whether you are an advocate or a critic of the player.

Why protect Benzema?
- Used with Zidane`s confidence, surely the specialist has reasons. Why Not Protect Benzema? - There is only 11, 3% efficiency in front of the goal this season. For comparison, Gareth Bale is 14, 2%, Marco Asencio is 15, 5%, and Borha Mayoral - 25%. Karim has scored 5 goals with 44 strokes.

Why protect Benzema? - He is the seventh best scorer in the history of Real Madrid with 185 goals. In front of him are only Ugo Sanchez, Pushkash, Santitiana, Di Stefano, Raul and Cristiano Ronaldo. Why Not Protect Benzema?
- He`s second in missed goals after Cristiano - 18 missed situations.

Why protect Benzema?
- Only Bale and Isco have reported more assists than him - one more. Benzema has given four rounds. Why Not Protect Benzema? - He is the third player in Madrid with the worst percentage of correct odds - 79, 42%. Worse indicators have (note! ) Keelor Navas and Kiko Cassia.

Why protect Benzema? Unique player in a small space. He is able to create things from nothing. Report:his dribbling against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League in the spring.

Why Not Protect Benzema? - There are five shots in the beam this season. In front of him, only Cristiano - 8 beams are bad luck.

Why protect Benzema?
- She fits well with Cristiano on the first day

Why do not we protect Benzema? He provoked only five violations against himself. So much has provoked reserves Ashraf Hakimi and Marcos Iorrete. By this indicator it is 15th in the team.

Why protect Benzema? - He is the third best runner this season - with 5 hits as much as Isko. Only Marco Asencio (7) and Cristiano Ronaldo (15) are ahead of him. Why Not Protect Benzema? He is in 19th place in the balls team - only 26.

Why protect Benzema? - Benzema can hardly be stopped. He is fifth in a successful dribbling with 24 as many as Ronaldo. Why Not Protect Benzema? Benzema is often ambushed. It has been 11 times this season. More than just Ronaldo - 26.

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