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Bca:Milan lives in the past


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Former Milan striker Carlos Baca continues to keep track of what is happening in the club. He believes that the Rosoners continue to live in the past instead of paying more attention to the problems in the present. `I do not think my stay in Milan was a bad moment of my career, but that was not Milan, who all remembered the past. ` You can not live with his great history, Milan is not in good shape`I admit I went there because of the club`s history, but I came across a lot of surprises, ` Baka said. Milan has recently replaced Vincenzo Montella coach with Gennaro Gatuzo, but at this stage it does not seem to give the desired results. `The club analyzed by fixed football contacts is looking for some solution, but it seems like they can not find it, and they decided first that the problem was in the coach and changed it, then it turned out that the problem was the players and they brought a bunch of new ones. but I think it`s not good, I think soccer is a period, and proof of that is Juventus and Napoli, who have dominated the last years while Milan continues to live in history, `the Colombian added.

At the moment, the striker bears the Spanish team of Villarreal and claims he feels wonderful there. `The Spanish football fits me well, I have more freedom here, Italy has a lot of tactics, you have to do the same moves in both the training and the matches. ` Here the coach permits me to read the game myself andto go left and right, even to go back and I can do what the team needs at the moment, `Baka said.

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