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Man City mocked his rivals in the Champions League


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Manchester City`s brilliant performance since the start of the season has continued with a tremendous success in the Champions League. In the first round of the tournament`s 16th round, Jose Guardiola`s team beat Basel 4-0 as a guest and can now think of the next phase. Two goals by Ilkay Gundogan and one by Bernardo Silva and Sergio Aguero illustrated the difference in classes for the benefit of the `citizens. `The `Citizens` scored three hits for 9 minutes before the break and decided everything in their favor. Basel played openly and deserved to reach at least an honorable hit, but the attackers missed all the positions in front of Ederson`s door.

The young Dimitri Oberlin led the hosts attack, and on the wings he relied on the breakthroughs and centrisings of Mohamed Ellius and Valentin Stoker. Seree Dee and Fabian Fry were the two midfielders. The defense was five, which is a fully understandable decision of senior coach Rafael Vicki given the opponent`s huge offensive power. Michael Lang and Blas Riverwright were the two flanking hosts of the home, and Tim Jacques Watslik was the door.

Guardiola took the lead in Rahim Stirling, Sergio Aguero and Bernardo Silva. The three in the middle of the pitch were Kevin de Bruyne, Fernardino and Ilkay Gundogan. As a central pair of defenders, they teamed up with Captain Ventan Compani and Nicholas Otamendi. For Compani, this was the first appearance of the tournament from the rematch of the semifinals against Real Madrid in 2016. John Stones and the new addition Eimerik Laport, as well as David Silva and Loure Sane recovered from the injury, stayed on the bench.

The beginning was very dynamic, with constant attacks on both doors. Oberlin missed an excellent chance to find out in favor of Basel after slipping away from the visitors` defense and knocking the ball past Ederson, but without directing it to the door. In those minutes, it was obvious that the synchronization between Compani and Otamendi was lost, but the hosts did not take advantage of it.

In the 14th minute City came to a corner, after which De Bodeau centered and Gundogan caught the ball in the door of Basel. The German national proved to be uncovered at the close of his head and realized one of his few head goals. In the next attack, Stoker failed to equalize, and the penalty was not delayed. Stirling`s breakthrough showed the weaknesses in the defense of Basel and the ball fell into Bernardo Silva, who technically overcame Vatlick and largely killed the intrigue in the fight.

In the 23rd minute the `citizens` hit a third goal. It was the work of Aguero, who took possession of the ball and did not hesitate to shoot at the bottom right corner of the door. The goal was a 14th overall for the Argentine since the beginning of the calendar year, and Pep Guardiola`s footballers had already enjoyed the field. The hosts did not play badly and even with this result adviced by fixed-games they did not stop attacking. They created a few good positions at Ederson`s door, but they did not manage to write. De Bourne and Gundogan could make the score a nightmare for the Swiss at the break. The second part started with new attacks and strikes on De Bourne and Elionousy. The home side`s inexperienced spirit was out of it 53 minutes into the match

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